Home Remedies for Corns and Calluses

Foot TreatmentCorns and calluses are extremely common. For many people they can also be extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately there are a lot of things that you can do at home to relieve the pain and pressure that often accompanies corns and calluses. Here are some home remedies to try out the next time you are feeling that old familiar pain, as well as some stuff to avoid.

Leave the Scalpel to the Professionals

Trying to remove a corn or callus by cutting it off regardless of the device used is never a good idea. It can lead to tremendously nasty and painful infections that are far worse than the callus or corn you were trying to remove. This is especially pertinent advice for diabetics who should pretty much leave their foot pains to a professional to prevent any serious complication.


One popular home remedy for calluses and corns is to soften them up by soaking them in a warm herbal tea. The most common herbal tea for these issues is a good chamomile tea. You have the added benefit of the aromatherapy that chamomile can provide as well as the softening of your calluses and corns that will lead to a great amount of relief from your pain and suffering.


Some natural home remedy fans swear by aspirin as a softening agent for calluses and corns.  You don’t swallow them though you apply them topically. This is done by crushing four or five aspirin into something of a powder and then mixing the crushed aspirin with some water and lemon juice. Don’t make it too watery though, you want a good thick paste. Apply the paste to your calluses and corns and then wrap your foot in plastic. You can use a plastic wrap like saran wrap or wrap the feet in plastic bags. After you have done that put hot towels around your wrapped feet. The combination of the paste and the heat is meant to soften the calluses until they start to break up and eventually flake off.

Get a Pedicure

Having a deluxe pedicure at the salon can get rid of many of your calluses and corns. You can also do a deluxe pedicure at home.

A pedicure starts with a relaxing soak in some warm water. There are many different types of foot massagers sold over the counter than soak and massage the foot at the same time. These cost about the same as a trip to the salon and can be used thousands of time to massage your tired aching feet. If you don’t have the machines try enlisting your significant other to massage your feet while you soak them in warm water. The warm water is vital to loosening up the hard skin; it is also a good idea to add a moisturizing oil or foot soak to the water.

After the soak use a foot scrubber to remove dead tissue from the bottom of your foot. These are widely available and can be found at any department store for less than $10. The results are phenomenal. After a few pedicures your calluses and corns will melt away.

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